Athena FO2 2017: Clair de Lune
By Athena Faculty Committee 17/18
12:18 AM

Hey Athena!! 

Our second faculty outing of the year, Clair de Lune, was held on 21st October in the new Indoor Sports Hall, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Prior to the event, all classes were invited to select your representatives to take part in the quest to find our very own pair of Athena’s Knights and Dames. Throughout the event, all these representatives from the various classes were involved in a series of games and challenges to prove their worth, and we are proud to announce that Wang Xing Yu and Lin Yuan Xuan from the class of 17S6E were crowned as Athena’s very own pair of handsome Knights!

We would like to say a massive thank you to the following parties, without whom our outing would not have been as amazing as it was. 

✨Thank you to all performers — your talent and liveliness never fails to amaze us, with all of you eagerly volunteering to entertain your classmates with your performances, be it singing or dancing.

✨Thank you to all our enthusiastic Knights and Dames from all classes, for being so passionate as you battled your way for the title of Athena’s Ultimate Pair — the Knight and Dame of Athena

✨Thank you to Nanyang Girls’ High and Hwa Chong Institution’s Science Research Centre for being so willing to loan us the floodlights, bringing light to Clair de Lune and Hwa Chong Students’ Council and PA/AVA for loaning us the necessary equipment light up and bring life to the Indoor Sports Hall

✨Thank you to all our sponsors for so generously donating vouchers and items for our door gifts! 

Han Bing Korean Café

I’m Kim Korean BBQ

I’m Kim Junior

Escape Hunt Singapore

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet

Pezzo Pizzeria

B52 Café

Texas Instruments


✨Thank you to the Athena Faculty Committee 17/18 for putting in so much effort, for sacrificing so much sleep to organise and execute this FO so successfully, and thank you to the Athena Faculty Committee 16/17 for coming down to support us and to help us with the cleanup even in the midst of your preparation for your exams. All the best, seniors!!

✨Thank you so much to our teachers, Ms Grace Chua, Ms Teri and Mr Lim Junyang for staying back with us so many days, taking so much time off your schedules to guide us through and to show us how to carry on.


✨Thank you to Dr Terng for going through the trouble and helping us make the necessary arrangements, and thank you to Mr Johnny Yeo for providing us with the technical assistance and equipment for the event.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came down, for being such an awesome and supportive audience, bringing life and energy to the Indoor Sports Hall on 21st October 2017. AHOOT!

With love,

Athena FC 17/18. ✨

Athena FO1 2017: 100 Acre Wood
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
10:48 PM

Athena Faculty Outing 1 2017 concluded on the 29th of April and we sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful time. As with every event, there are countless people we would like to thank. Without the following people, the party at 100 Acre Wood would not have been possible. 🙂



THANK YOU to all fervent performers who have so enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to perform at 100 Acre Wood. The concert was a huge part of the event, and it was your amazing talents and charm that made it as successful as it was. Your burning passion, be it singing or dancing, never fails to amaze us.



THANK YOU to our in-house AEP painters and Gigi Teo from 16S6D for adding colours to our participants. You are a bunch of crazily talented artists. You sacrificed your chance to mingle with your friends for the faculty and we truly appreciate that. You embody the true Athenian spirit.



THANK YOU to all games participants for making the games segment so exciting! You were ready to put aside your dignity and being so sporting to play the games we had in store for you guys! Thank you for dealing with the forfeits so gracefully and for providing the crowd with some great entertainment.



THANK YOU Zane Tan from 16S7J and Leung Hung Ming from 16S6G for the wonderful shots you have taken. While others were soaked in the moment, you were behind the lens, capturing these moments for us to look back upon. Your photos provide memories we cherish dearly.


THANK YOU Huang Cheng for letting Sean barge into your workspace at random moments and being so kind to lend us your tools and workspace to allow us to complete our decorations. We would like to specially thank Yu Xin, Sha-Anne, G Wayne and Dawn for teaching and assisting us when you saw the need to.



THANK YOU to the following organisations, Pezzo, Dominos, Texas Instruments, Wavehouse, Escape Hunt, Kane Mochi, Rattana Thai Restaurant, B52, National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilization Museum, Goro Goro, I’M KIM BBQ, Swensens, Tea Party and Curry Wok, who have generously agreed to sponsor our event. The participants were thrilled to receive the sponsored items, and we hope you will continue to support Athena Faculty for many years to come.



THANK YOU Senior FacComm for being so supportive of our events and always coming down during our events. Your valuable advice and insights have helped us tremendously. We are extremely grateful to have such encouraging seniors to look up to.



THANK YOU to our beloved FacComm teachers, Ms Grace Chua, Mrs Teri Leo and Mr Lim Junyang in particular, for guiding us throughout the event and imparting us with the valuable knowledge and experience that you have along the way. You were with us every step of the way, caring about our welfare while ensuring that we were on task. You are the ones we go to when we face problems, and the ones we go to to share our joy. Thank you for being there with us, for us.  



Finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came down to the party in the 100 Acre Wood and added to the vibrancy and liveliness of the venue. Thank you for your energy that has made this event such a successful one. We hope you had a magical time at the party and forged even stronger bonds and made precious memories with your friends! For the J1s, we hope you are excited for future Faculty Outings and will support Athena FacComm 17/18 in their journey.



Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our (very full) hearts. We are beyond happy to have shared our FO1 journey with you, and it is an event we will keep close to our hearts.


Signing off for the very last time,

Your FO1 ICs

Pang Xian Zheng, Tan Yan & Sean Wang

Athena FacComm 17/18!
By Athena Faculty Committee 17/18
07:48 PM

Hello Athena!

We have concluded our interviews for the Faculty Committee 17/18, and we would like to sincerely thank all those who ran for Fac Comm. Thank you for taking the time and effort to prepare for the tasks and the interview.


We could feel the strong Athenian spirit within all of you and we hope that you’ll keep this spirit burning bright in your heart!


Please allow us to formally introduce the Faculty Committee 17/18 who will be taking us forward in the coming year!

(Second row, left to right): Dylan Wee, Chang Dao Zheng, Marc Chern, Khoo Wui Guan, Marcus Khow, Sam Xin Qian, Yen Zhi Yi, Kai Wilson, Luc Ong
(First row, left to right): Tan Yan Wen, Joel Soh, Ryan Kang, Feng Lejia, Melber Ang, Chloe Seah, Tan E-Jynn


Presenting to you the Athena Faculty Committee 17/18,


Dylan Wee S6C Faculty Head
Ryan Kang S62 Faculty Head
Khoo Wui Guan S6C Secretary Treasurer
Tan E-Jynn S6G Secretary Treasurer
Luc Ong S60 Dance I/C
Yen Zhi Yi S6E Dance I/C
Chang Dao Zheng S62 Sports I/C
Sam Xin Qian S6E Sports I/C
Kai Wilson S6E Publicity I/C
Feng Lejia S64 Publicity I/C
Tan Yan Wen S7J Publicity I/C
Khow Ji Kai Marcus Sean S64 Activity I/C
Marc Chern S6A Activity I/C
Joel Soh S66 Activity I/C
Chloe Seah S68 Activity I/C
Melber Ang S7G Activity I/C

We would like to thank FacComm 16/17 for their tremendous amount of hard work put into making us smile, and we look forward to putting that smile on your faces 🙂



Yours sincerely,

Dylan and Ryan

On behalf of Athena Faculty Committee 17/18

How to get to 100 ACRE WOOD?
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
11:48 PM

How To Get There?


  1. Alight at Choa Chu Kang MRT (exit B)


2. Cross the road via zebra crossing/overhead bridge to get to Keat Hong Community Club


3.Gather at this open space with your 100 Acre Wood ticket prepared


4.Queue up at the bus stop outside Keat Hong Community Club when instructed by the FacComm members



*When to meet?*

Your CT rep or senior CT rep should have already sent out your respective class timings. You are strongly encouraged to follow the allocated timing, but in the event you can’t, the buses come in 15min intervals from 5pm onwards. The last bus leaves at 7.30pm.

Buses going back to CCK from Orchidville will leave at 15min intervals as well, from 8pm onwards. The last bus leaves at 9pm.

Unfortunately, we are not allowing students to walk in/out as it is dangerous. You can only cab in/out if you do not intend to take our chartered buses.


*Where to meet?*

Keat Hong Community Centre opposite Lot One (very near Choa Chu Kang MRT)


*What to bring?*

  1. Yourself
  2. 100 Acre Wood Ticket (IMPORTANT!)
  3. Smart-casual attire
  4. Umbrella (in case of wet weather)


To avoid long waiting time, we seek your cooperation to come on time!


We look forward to seeing y’all at the party at the 100 Acre Wood!

FO1 lookbook
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
08:36 PM

Hey Athenians!


Not sure what to wear for this Saturday’s FO1? Feeling stressed at the thought of dressing up prim and proper for the chance to impress that girl, or just unsure of what to wear to make your instagram feed more aesthetic? Don’t worry, Athena’s FC is here to help you out! Just take a look at Athena’s very own F&C models (almost A&F) and no matter what, remember there is no strict dress code, so just bring your winning smiles and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you to the party!!

Casual Wear



Smart Casual/Semi Fomal


Accessorize to the theme


We encourage you to be creative and make the most out of a memorable night, but DON’T FORGET this is still a school event, so some outfits won’t make Winnie the Pooh very happy for a safe children’s environment.


1. NO skimpy clothing


2. NO Tube Tops


3. NO Spaghetti Straps


4. NO Mini Skirts


5. NO Short shorts (i.e. nothing that can see the butt)


6. NO Baring of Midriffs

7. NO Bareback Outfits


That’s all we have for the dresscode! Adhere to the no-no’s and enjoy your OWL-some night.


200 (23)




Tasks for Athena Faculty Committee 17/18 Applicants
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
11:40 AM

Hey Athena! As we draw closer to Faculty Committee selections, it’s time for those of you who are interested in joining Faculty Committee 17/18 to take the first step in landing this role! We are excited to welcome you on board and cannot wait to see you all at the interviews. However, before we proceed, there are tasks for all candidates to complete, based on the roles you are interested to take on. All the best!


Pubs IC:

Complete at least 2 of the following tasks, and present it during the interview. You may complete more than 2 tasks if you wish.

  • Come up with a new design for the Athena Faculty T-Shirt (There should be a small logo in the front, and a larger design on the back).
  • Create a storyboard for a publicity video to express the Athenian spirit.
  • Come up with an Athena-inspired centrepiece.
  • Come up with a painting of an owl in a style of your choice.

Do bring along your past work for any banner designs, videos or design-related task, if any.


Sports IC:

Complete all of the following tasks and present them during the interview.

  • Come up with a cheer for Athena and present it during the interview.
  • Plan a Games event for Athena Faculty Outing, including elaboration on aims of the game, logistics needed, action plan of Faculty Committee members and safety considerations (your event should aim to engage 300 students).


Dance IC:

Choreograph a 45 seconds segment of dance that you deem suitable for POP 2018 and perform it during the interview, and consider how you would teach a large group how to execute the dance.


Activity IC:

Create a simplified proposal for Faculty Outing, including detailed elaboration on one of the following:

  • Theme (concept)
  • Venue
  • Games
  • Brief Programme Flow and content
  • Workplan


You have a maximum of 3 minutes to present your proposal.



Correct all identified mistakes in the following Excel sheet and email the final copy in .xlsx format to by 30 April 2017, 11.59pm.

Excel file: AthenaFC1617_SecTres Interview Task (v1.0)

Additionally, please bring a laptop or tablet along to the interview.


The allocation for interview slots will be released to you soon. Do complete the Interview Tasks to the best of your ability and come prepared for the interview! If you have any questions regarding the Interview Tasks or Faculty Committee in general, feel free to approach your Senior CT Reps!


Athena Faculty Committee 16/17

Directions to Founders’ Day CIP venue
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
11:33 PM


Hi C1 Athenians!


We sure hope that you are all hyped up for Founders Day CIP 2017! Here are the details once again:



Activity: Cleaning the homes of residents under the care of Touch Seniors Activity Centre

Date: 21 March 2017

Reporting Time: 8.45am

Reporting Venue: Amphitheatre beside Block 67 (67 Kallang Bahru, Singapore 330067)

Reporting venue


How to get there?

From Potong Pasir MRT (Northeast Line)

Step 1: Get to Potong Pasir MRT (NE10)

Step 2: From the bus stop Potong Pasir Stn (60269), take busses 107/853

Step 3: Get off 3 stops later at Blk 73 (60221)

  • Potong Pasir Stn -> Opp Leong Bee Ct -> MOM Svcs Ctr -> Blk 73

Bus stop Blk 73 (60221)


Step 4: Walk for about 2 minutes


By Bus

Other than Blk 73 (60221), the other bus stop nearest to the Amphitheatre is Opp Blk 66 (60039)

Locations of bus stops nearest to Amphitheatre


The bus services that serve these 2 stops are as follows:

Opp Blk 66: 26, 61,107, 107M, 175, 853, 853C

Blk 73: 26, 61,107, 107M, 140, 546, 853, 853C


If you still have any queries, feel free to approach your senior CT Reps!


Do remember to bring along your water bottles, rags, and an infinite amount of enthusiasm!


See you there!



Athena Faculty Committee 16/17

Post Orientation Post
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
11:16 PM

HELLO C1’s! A warm welcome to Athena and we hope you had fun throughout Orientation!!

Orientation is now over and we hope you have made some great memories with your classmates and friends and experienced our unique Hwa Chong culture!! We, the Athena Faculty Committee, are extremely grateful for you little OWLS for always giving your best and always keeping our spirits high!! Now school has officially started for a week and it’s a good time for us to #throwback to the good memories of orientation 🙂


Hope you still remember the very first day you stepped into your assigned classes. It might have been a little awkward at first (and possibly still is), but know that every single one of your classmates will be your brothers and sisters going through the tears and laughter together in these two years of JC life.


Athena Ahoot!



Do you still remember our first faculty meeting? Hope you liked your very first encounter of the green faculty! Athena is, and will always be your family in Hwa Chong, and that was your first official welcome into this bonded family. We cheer together, louder than ever, and louder than any other faculty in the school, in our very unique way —AHOOT! If you missed our Fac Comm introduction video or you want to watch it again, please click the link below to see our very own fac comm members!


Athena Faculty Committee 16/17 Introduction Video (2017)

Athena Faculty Committee 16/17 Introduction Video (2016)


Remember the first day you wore our faculty shirt with #greenpride? Put on your green face paint and got ready for war? Rally around the Athena flag and attack opponents’ bases together? Pick up the sponges and built a wall to defend our Athena pride? It is really heart-warming to see our whole faculty come together when everyone else is pointing their flags at us. We showed them what it is meant by #WeBleedGreen.


10 years down the road will we still be friends? Hope you enjoyed the campfire night as we CELEBRATE our victory of winning SoDaChe Challenge!! OH~~~ I just want to celebrate~~~ Want to watch the fac comm dancing the POP dance again? Fret not, just click the link below to rewatch the full performance!!


Athena Faculty Dance 2017 – Campfire 2017 Performance

Athena Faculty Dance 2016 – Campfire 2017 Performance



Hit the light and make the wrongs turn right!! Thank you all the C1 Athenians for putting in so much effort into practising the dance. We hope you had fun during our POP dance night!! Thank you so much for making the night of 22 Feb so magical and WE CAN DO THIS ALL NIGHT!!!


Athena Faculty Dance 2017 – POP



Orientation may be officially over but your journey with Athena does not end here, and we hope it will be an exciting experience for you! Keep the AHOOT spirit burning and we hope you will pass it down to your juniors as well. Welcome to Athena family and no matter what happens, Athena will always be here for you.



Yours proudly,

Orientation ICs – Zijie and Glenn

And Athena Faculty Committee 16/17



Photo by Hwa Chong Photographic Society and Chalmers Ong

Video by Athena Faculty Committee and Sensorium Vale

Athena FO2 2016: Carpe Noctem
By Athena Faculty Committee 16/17
06:19 PM

Hello Athena!!

22nd October marked Athena’s second Faculty Outing of the year, and we hope you owls had as much fun being at Carpe Noctem as we did! We are ever so grateful for seizing the night with us, and making our very first FO as Athena FacComm 16/17 such a success!!1

As the night has finally come to a close, we would like to thank the following people for making this event possible:

  1. Our wonderful stars who lit up the night!

Thank you The Almost Band, Joel Hong, Zhu Ziyi, Jia Jixuan, The Green Beans, MAD (Modern, Street and Chinese) and Tessa for spending time and effort preparing for your captivating performances, that left the audience starstruck and wanting more!


  1. Our enthusiastic sumo wrestlers!

Thank you for being such sporting individuals who managed to keep the audience laughing the entire night! Carpe Noctem would not have been such a success without your sumo-suit shenanigans!!


  1. Our ever-present Faculty Teachers!

A huge thank you to our Faculty Teachers (Ms Chua, Mrs Leo and Mr Lim), for their constant unconditional support and guidance, for always knowing what’s best for us, and for helping us make this event the great success that it is!

  1. Sponsors

Thank you I’m Kim KBBQ, B52 Café, Escape Hunt Singapore, Botak Jones, Goro Goro KBBQ, Oral Kare, Subway and Swensens for sponsoring our event and making our door gifts that much more enticing!

  1. Photographers and Videographers

Thank you Hung Ming and Zane from HC Photographic Society for covering our event and ensuring that we all have memorable photos to take home! Also, a huge shoutout to Sensorium Vale for making a great montage for Carpe Noctem!

Watch the video montage of Carpe Noctem at:

  1. Senior FacComm

Thank you Senior FacComm for attending and cheering us on even though your A’s are just round the corner, and even buying us Koi and helping us untie the bunting! Your help ensured that we managed to get home that much earlier and have our much needed rest, and for that, we sincerely thank you 🙂

  1. PA/AVA Club

Thank you Siow Zhi Jie Loo, Deyuan and Mr Johnny Yeo from HC PA/AVA club for the assistance throughout the night and for making our concert such a smoothly run!


Thank you for attending Carpe Noctem, and we truly hope you all had an enjoyable time with your classmates and faculty! Thank you for your patience and your understanding, and simply thank you for being part of this wonderful green faculty, Athena FacComm 16/17 could not ask for a better faculty to lead.


Carpe Noctem is just the first event brought to you by FacComm 16/17, and even as the night has ended, a new dawn always rises. Do look forward to Athena’s upcoming events, where we promise you more exciting activities await! For those looking for more photos captured, do look for them on Facebook at Hwa Chong Photographic Society’s page(, and photobooth photos can be found at Nat Tan Photography’s page (



Athena Faculty Committee 16/17


Faculty Outing 2 2016
By AthenaFC 10/11
08:18 PM

Hello Athena!

It’s the time of the year again where Athena will be having our Faculty Outing 2!

Here are the details for the Faculty Outing:
Date: 22 October 2016
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: Central Plaza
Attire: Casual

Get ready for a night you will never forget as we gather together as a faculty to enjoy games and performances, barbecue as a class and enjoy snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream!

It has been a tough ride studying for promos and preparing for PW OP. Do come down as a class to bond together and experience the Green Spirit once again!

See you there!

Athena Faculty Committee 16/17