By AthenaFC 11/12
09:27 PM


Are you missing those good old orientation days, when we laughed and fought and danced our hearts out as one?

Afraid of drowning in homework? (Or already becoming a mugger?)

Well, VIVACE may be over, but WE THE FAC COMM certainly aren’t done with you awesome lovable bunch of juniors yet:D

Be excited for this year’s fac cip, coming up really soon – CANtribute’12!! It’s a fun-filled yet meaningful tradition passed down from your seniors. Look forward to lots of class bonding, memorable moments (and for the guys, muscle building) as team ATHENA embarks on this mission together!

This year, on Saturday the 24th of March, we will aim to collect 100,000 cans of food to benefit 10,000 families in need!!

Watch out for more details coming up soon!



Athena FC 11/12